Taylor Holmes - Exercise Physiologist


Taylor Holmes
Exercise Physiologist





Qualification/ Education/ Training.

Bachelor of exercise science – Victoria University
Master’s degree clinical exercise physiology – Victoria University
Registered accredited exercise physiologist – ESSA


Career Path

Taylor has experience with in chronic disease management (diabetes, COPD, cholesterol management.) He specialises in chronic pain and musculoskeletal conditions and pre and post-operative interventions (knee/hip/spine) Taylor’s passion for exercise physiology extends further than just physical, acting around a biopsychosocial model he strives to motivate, educate and assist his patients to achieve the best with their health and wellbeing.  Taylor says the most rewarding part about being an exercise physiologist is watching his patients develop, learn and take a true investment in their health, basing his practice around the progression to self-management.

Taylor enjoys travelling and anything that involves movement, snowboarding, strength training and running.




1575 Burwood Highway, Tecoma, Vic, 3160







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Clinic Hours

Mon       8.30am - 8.00pm

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Thu        8.30am - 8.00pm

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