Diabetes EducationKerrie Peacock Diabetes Educator

We are one of few medical practices to employ the services of a fully qualified and experienced Diabetes Educator.

Kerrie Peacock is a Registered Nurse and credentialed Diabetes Educatior.

Kerrie liases with our GPs in providing practical advice to improve the lifestyle of people with diabetes including:

  • Understanding how your Diabetes affects you.
  • Giving skilled advice to assist best improve your lifestyle.
  • Assist reduce the risks of Diabetes complications.
  • Explanation regarding the effects of medication.
  • Advice and support in using insulin.




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Please Note:
We want to provide you the best possible care, as well as protect our staff and our patients because of coronavirus outbreak and risks.
All patients will be offered a Telehealth or face to face consultation and will be asked to present at the reception triage check point 15 minutes earlier. Patients should be prepared to answer screening questions.