Mental Health

Seeking help for a Mental Health issue is OK

Early help can make a big difference to your wellbeing.

Should you find your life significantly disrupted by difficult to overcome feelings, emotional or behavioural problems it’s easy to arrange to speak with one of our doctors who are all well informed and experienced in dealing with mental health issues.

Feelings out of control that often cause lifestyle disruption can include anger, fear, distress, sadness, anxiety, withdrawal from friends and activities you once enjoyed or even just a sense of not coping well.

Here at the Clinic our GPs can offer a sympathetic ear and formally assess, diagnose and assist in your treatment with full understanding and ongoing support.

Treatments recommended may include counselling, psychotherapy, medications or a combination of any of these to deliver the best long term outcome for you.

Take the first step now – make an appointment with one of our GPs to discuss your concerns.


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Please Note:
We want to provide you the best possible care, as well as protect our staff and our patients because of coronavirus outbreak and risks.
All patients will be offered a Telehealth or face to face consultation and will be asked to present at the reception triage check point 15 minutes earlier. Patients should be prepared to answer screening questions.