Clinic doctors provide a broad range of immunisation services from childhood vaccines to specific travel vaccines.

We sensitively and expertly immunise those with needle fear

Doctors and nurses work together to help make immunisations as painless as possible

Childhood National Immunisation Program Vaccinations for
2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 4 years
and all catch up vaccinations. Belgrave Medical Clinic also stock childhood vaccines which are recommended but not on the free schedule

Adolescent and Secondary School age vaccinations
You can choose to have your GP give vaccinations in a personal setting rather than at school
And all catch up vaccinations missed at school and for those who have left school
Including vaccination against cervical cancer (Gardasil)

Adult vaccinations for Hepatitis B, Influenza, Pneumonia, Whooping Cough and Shingles

All travel vaccinations including Yellow Fever

Q Fever (Dr. Gration)



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Please Note:
We want to provide you the best possible care, as well as protect our staff and our patients because of coronavirus outbreak and risks.
All patients will be offered a Telehealth or face to face consultation and will be asked to present at the reception triage check point 15 minutes earlier. Patients should be prepared to answer screening questions.