Dr Sharon Gilroy




Dr Sharon Gilroy




Qualification/ Education/ Training.

Dr Sharon Gilroy is a registered clinical and forensic psychologist, with formal qualifications in the areas of clinical, educational and forensic psychology, as well as being a trained family therapist. Sharon has worked in the public sector and private clinics, primarily in areas related to adult and child mental health, early intervention services, and people with trauma histories, disabilities or other disadvantages. She has developed extensive knowledge and experience working with children and young people of all ages, their families, and adults, either individually or within various family constellations, including couples. She particularly likes to work with women who are going through significant life changes and families who are struggling with the challenging behaviours of young children.


Career Path

She has specialised in psychological treatments for anxiety and mood disorders like depression, and working with people experiencing relationship problems, grappling with experiences of trauma or dealing with grief and loss, or difficult life circumstances. She draws on a range of evidence based therapies, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness, trauma therapy, family therapy and more. She aims to work collaboratively and compassionately to help clients understand themselves more fully, to process significant life changes, and to help them to find ways of better managing their lives.


Current Work Status

Sharon commenced working at Belgrave Medical Clinic in 2017.






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